Kim and I are back with another recap of My Diet is Better Than Yours Ep5 and Ep6. First, we take a little pit stop and discuss some negative feedback we’ve received on this series. Of course, we’ve received a ton of positive feedback and people loving this series, but there’s a couple Negative Nancy’s we want to address before we continue.

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  • Martin says:

    Kevin, I think you are doing a great job. I have been listening to you podcast since the beginnings. I really think that My diet is better than yours podcast you do is a great fun. I like the way you are breaking down the whole thing in so many details along with great points. I was sorry to hear you quite sad and less motivated than you usually are in this episode. I would really not be bothered by the few negative comments from your listeners. I believe the majority of your listeners are enjoying the show. There always will be somebody who will throw negative words at you. It should empower you. I am a great fan and please, do not let them take you down. I am looking forward for every single episode of yours. Your podcasts and the work you do, is very different than the other podcasts. I mean it in a good way, the information you provide has incredible message in it. thanks

    PS: I am from Europe and I have never heard of such a reality show as this is. I had to look it up, and I am telling you I can not agree with you more.

    • Kevin Geary says:

      Thank you Martin, I appreciate your kind words. The naysayers won’t bring us down 🙂 We can’t be stopped.


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