So this is a bit of a controversial episode. I’m going to play you the unedited audio from an interview that I did with Dr. Glenn Livingston about overeating.

Prior to recording this interview I didn’t know anything about Dr. Livingston or his work. I was approached by his PR company or PR team about coming on the show. I’ve never said yes to cold emails like this for guests—I’m usually very protective of who comes on the show.

Needless to say, with a teething 5-month-old, I haven’t had much sleep over the past few months. I’ve also been investing all of my mental and emotional resources into developing Decode Your Cravings. I needed an interview and Dr. Livingston showed up in my inbox. It also seemed like good timing since he wanted to talk about eating psychology.

I didn’t have time to research Dr. Livingston’s work before the interview either. I had no idea what to expect. That’s where the controversy comes in: I found myself disagreeing with so much of what he said in the interview.

I didn’t disagree with him outright because I didn’t want him to feel like I railroaded him by accepting his invite and then tearing him apart when he showed up. So here’s the deal: Listen to the interview, but know that I’ll be releasing a follow up episode discussing the parts of the interview and his advice that I feel were very problematic.

That episode will come out very shortly, so stay tuned!

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