Is that a pretentious title? Maybe. You decide. But I guarantee there’s at least one “light bulb moment” in this episode for you. Here’s what we discuss:

  • My two-part functional movement philosophy.
  • The tragedy of being stuck in your comfort zone.
  • How sub-personalities can manipulate our behavior.
  • Factors that drive cravings in the majority of cases.
  • How cravings are completely misunderstood and how we must redefine them for true success.
  • Why the graduation rate of my programs is so high.
  • Wrap-up with a challenge to listeners to tackle TODAY regarding the rules and restriction mindset.

Note that this episode was recorded a few weeks ago so I tell Ashley at one point that Decode Your Cravings is still in development, but that program has officially launched and is available to join. My teething daughter can also be heard crying off in the background at a few points—my apologies for that. No babies were harmed in the making of this episode, I promise.

Enjoy, but don’t forget to tell your friends and leave a review, just as you would after sitting down to a delicious meal!

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