Zach Franke returns to the podcast for a discussion about how to better reach men and women around the world with our message as unique leaders in the health and fitness space. Not to just reach them with our message, but to reach them in a way that moves them to take action.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • How Zach’s motivating me to start using social media in a different way to reach you with my message (and how you can opt-in to that).
  • The challenge of trying to remember what it was like to be brand new to all this and provide content that solves challenges beginners are facing.
  • Do people subconsciously want to succeed without really changing anything?
  • Why are we really doing all of this? Why should people focus on changing right now?
  • The potential benefit of only focusing on the path forward versus uncovering the the pitfalls of the destructive paths.
  • The importance of having faith in an authentic process.

Zach’s first appearance was on Episode 101 if you’re interested in hearing that.


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