People may look at my life and what I do with Rebooted Body from the outside an assume that I’m successful at maintaining a body and life I love because I have it easy. And they may think that others who have found success did so because they didn’t have quite as many obstacles as they have. Sometimes people think that when life punches them in the face, it means they’ve lost. 

I take responsibility for that somewhat because of how edited my life is on Instagram and Facebook and the like. But this idea that we’re going to get into the boxing match of doing meaningful shit in life and not get punched in the face is highly destructive to our growth and our happiness, as is the idea that people who are successful are only successful because they had an easy opponent.

In today’s show it’s just me, you, and the microphone. I want to talk candidly about some of the challenges I’ve faced since launching Rebooted Body in 2013. These aren’t all the challenges by any means, but I think it’s enough to make the point that my success in getting and keeping a body and life I love has not come easy. 

In doing so, I hope to motivate you to get up off the bench. And to reiterate that I want to help you win by giving you the tools and mindset necessary to survive being punched in the face repeatedly. Why? Because life is never going to hand you perfect circumstances. If you want to win, you have to know how to bob and weave. How to slip. How to cover. How to clench. How to get up when you get dropped. And how to fire back at life. That’s what every winner has done and that’s what you have to do if you want to win.


  • Kimberly Powers says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I felt compelled to write you to tell you that I felt like you were telling my story. This is the very first of your podcasts that I have listened to. I had been receiving your e-mails for months. This title called to me.
    I am starting a Life Coaching business and am in the middle of building a website and going thru the “Hustle”. I am lucky because I do not have to work around my family because my husband is working out of the home and I have one daughter left at home. However, I struggle with staying motivated and with the loneliness and isolation of working from home.

    I graduated from the Robbins-Madanes Core 100 program and I see a lot of the Tony Robbins influences in your work. I just created a “Life plan” and one of the big “Life Accounts” is my health. Like you, I was starting to feel like feel like a fraud. I will be coaching on a variety of topics but it is inevitable that someone will need help with weight loss. How can I coach someone to help them achieve the goal of weight loss if I am not healthy for myself? (I will be recommending your program by the way).

    So, it is for these big reasons I decided to join your program. I feel really good about how you work on all parts of getting healthy. I have never done any “fad” diets and have always believed that the only way to do it is to eat the foods that are produced by nature. Unfortunately, I am not at a place where I can afford more than the self-guided program (need to build up my client base) but I feel good about the decision to stop ignoring my health.

    Thank you for sharing your story and for being so HUNGRY for health that this program was created. You have inspired me not only to get healthy, you are my example of how to take a business from a thought to a successful, fulfilling purpose.

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