Warning: This podcast contains some explicit language.

It doesn’t matter how much you care about skin cancer and Vitamin D, this is an important episode. Why? Because I show you exactly what’s wrong with “science” in this day and age. More specifically, what’s wrong with “professional advice” and “scientific consensus.”

It all started when I decided to do more research into the health of sun exposure. I found a licensed dermatologist making truth claims with 100% confidence on the Today Show, only to find contradictory evidence from respected outlets moments later on Google.

You get to join me step by step as I review the Today Show segment and read two different articles that seem to counter what this dermatologist is saying. Even worse, if this dermatologist and the thousands like her are wrong, it means they’re putting countless people at risk of developing life-threatening preventable diseases. Yet, here they are on national television spouting their information with gross confidence.

This is a problem, right?

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