Today we are going to talk about how to stop eating junk food without using willpower and I’m going to give you 11 tips for doing this.

Now, the reason I’m doing this podcast is because it’s answering a question that we hear all the time. “How do I stop eating junk food? How do I stop eating junk food? How do I stop eating junk food?”

All across the world people are waking up every single day with the best of intentions. Except, they get foiled by junk food over and over and over again. It’s so bad that it actually starts to get comical after a while.

People are going to bed on Sunday night saying, “This is going to be a great week. I’m going to be so on point!” And by Monday at 11 a.m. they’re already off track.

I’m sure this has happened to you, hasn’t it? Now, the conventional advice says, “You need more willpower. You need more discipline.”

I disagree. You don’t need either of those. I’m going to tell you right here in in this podcast episode how to stop eating junk food without willpower and without discipline and become more consistent than ever.

I’m going to give you eleven different tips for you to think about. Things that you should consider. Really, what I’m going to be doing is asking you 11 questions and it’s up to you to start investigating these questions that I’m asking because they are going to ultimately lead you to where you want to be – consistency.

The questions…

#1: Are You driving your inner-rebel crazy?
#2: Is your blood sugar is on a roller coaster ride?
#3: Do you know what healthy eating looks like?
#4: Are you too busy.
#5: Does your relationship with exercise need an audit?
#6: Are you averaging less than 6 hours of quality sleep per night?
#7: Are you medicating with food?
#8: Is your environment setting you up for failure?
#9: Are you eating enough calories?
#10: Are you eating enough protein?
#11: Are you leptin resistant?

Listen to this episode to extract every juicy detail.

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