This is the most important podcast episode to ever be recorded in this industry.

The reason there’s so much confusing and conflicting information in the health and fitness industry is because most of the information in this industry is dispensed by dogmatic thinkers who are very quick to make “truth claims” and who are way too confident in their beliefs.

People become dogmatic and “objectivist” for various reasons…

For some, it’s because they spend tens of thousands of dollars being “educated” on these topics.

For others, it’s because they’ve spent hours and hours pouring over “research” and “doing their due diligence.”

And for the majority, it’s just because they fall victim to basic cognitive biases and they feel more comfortable believing they’ve found the answers instead of remaining agnostic.

All dogma died for me a couple years ago when I came across the work of historian and University professor, Thaddeus Russell.

It was especially his critiques of objectivism that convinced me to be agnostic on everything. Not at first, mind you, but after months and months of analyzing his arguments.

Today I’m going to share with you a story that illustrates just how dangerous and absurd “truth claims” can be. And with any luck, this might be the day dogma dies inside of you, as well.

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