As a coach, one of my jobs is to figure out what’s stopping you from reaching your goals. When my job of giving you the right nutrition and fitness information is done, the real work starts — helping you navigate the hurdles, obstacles, and roadblocks that keep you from implementing the changes in your life.

This isn’t light work. I can give 100 people the right information about what to eat and how to exercise and 80 of them will still fail because they won’t be able to close the gap between their intentions and their behavior. 

Let me set today’s message up for you with some quotes that I hear constantly. It’s going to be quick. With any luck, it’ll move to you action.

“I tried counting calories, controlling portions, and restricting.”

“I tried beating myself up with exercise 6 days a week. CrossFit, Zumba, P90X, you name it.”

“I tried going low fat or low carb. I’ve tried all breeds of dogma.”

“I’ve taken good care of my aging parents. When my brothers or sisters weren’t there for them, I was.”

“I’ve been a hard-working, dedicated parent. When my kids needed something, I was there for them.”

“I’ve kept a clean a house. I’ve cooked hot meals. I’ve done it all.”

“I’ve been a great friend. When people have needed me, I’ve been there for them.”

“I’ve loaned money. Even though I’m in debt, I’ve given whatever I had.”

“I’ve made sacrifices to make sure my relationships stayed strong. I’ve put people first.”

“I’ve worked my ass off to get where I’m at in my career. You might outsmart me, but you can’t outwork me.”

“I’ve skipped vacations, I’ve worked overtime, and I’ve gone above and beyond in all tasks assigned to me.”

“I’ve worked late nights after the kids went to bed. I’ve foregone sleep. I’ve outworked my peers.”

I’m waiting…

Still waiting…

Do you know what I’m waiting for?

For this…

“Now I’ll do what’s best for me.”

7 superbly powerful words.

Now, be honest. How often do you say that?

You’re giving and going and giving and going. And while giving and going are noble traits, it quickly reaches a tipping point of self-destruction.

Band-aid Dieting isn’t what’s best for you.

Workaholism isn’t what’s best for you.

Giving everything to your kids and family, without doing for yourself, isn’t what’s best for you OR them.

Loaning money you don’t have isn’t what’s best for your finances. And it’s not what’s best for your friend.

Being there for everyone else when you can’t even be there for yourself is an interesting paradox, isn’t it?

If you can’t manage to strike a balance, you’re doomed to unhappiness.

If you can’t manage the priority task of feeding yourself what’s best for you and moving actively in a way that’s best for you, you’re doomed to brokenness.

To truly help others, to truly lead others, you must be the example of self-care.

“You first” without any care for yourself is not nobility. It’s not virtue. It’s not happiness. It has to be balanced with a solid dose of “me first.”

That might be uncomfortable for you, but it’s true.

So the 7 most powerful words that can change your life today: Now, I’ll do what’s best for me.

Founder of Rebooted Body and host of The Rebooted Body Podcast. Kevin helps men and women finally get a body and life they love with his unique blend of real food, functional movement, and psychology. To work with him personally, choose a program.

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