When I launched the Rebooted Body about a year ago I had a lot of negative self talk to deal with. I kept telling myself things like:

“You’re not a doctor. You’re a nobody. Who is going to listen to you?”

“Start a business? You’re great at failing at those — are you sure you really want to experience that again?”

“A podcast? You’re an introvert — good luck with that, it shouldn’t be long before people are laughing at you.”

Everyone deals with these thoughts from time to time. Some deal with it more than others, but here’s what I want you to understand:

  1. You can’t ever make it go away completely.
  2. Just because you can’t make it go away doesn’t mean you can’t beat it.
  3. Beating it just takes a simple perspective shift.

Too many people fail because they listen to their negative self-talk as if it’s legitimate and rational. That’s a tragedy, because it means you’re getting in your own way. Instead of giving your gifts to the world, reaching your full potential, and fulfilling your dreams, you’re hiding.

If you allow negative self-talk to maintain influence and guide your behavior, you will lose and lose ugly. Your body won’t change, your relationship with food won’t change, and your self-worth will continue to tank. As far as the rest of your life goes, it’ll be an unfulfilled mess.

I want to inspire you to refuse that outcome. The result of me overcoming my own negative self-talk is evident: 70,000 visitors a month to my blog, 100,000 podcast downloads, and over 250 clients in 17 different countries; all in less than a year. And that’s coming from someone who said and truly believed, “success happens for everyone except me.”

This isn’t just about the immediate goals you have, it’s about living your authentic life. It’s about giving the world your best and giving yourself your best. Because you deserve it.

If you expect me to stand idly by while you sabotage yourself, you’re sorely mistaken. First, I want you to download this free self-talk workbook and then I want you to email me or leave a comment below and tell me what you’re struggling with. And I’m dead serious about that. I don’t do all this work to talk to myself. Reach out — I’m listening.

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