When I ask people about what stops them from cooking healthy more often, they always mention things like food prep, shopping, and not having good recipes.

If you relate to that, I’ve got somewhat of a magic bullet for you. It’s a service I’ve been using for weeks now called Sun Basket (if you sign up using my link you can get yourself three free meals with your first basket purchase!).

Every week I log on to Sun Basket’s site and choose the three recipes (out of nine new options and three crowd favorites) that sound most interesting to me. The following Wednesday, a box arrives at my door with the ingredients for each recipe individually packaged and cooled.

All of the ingredients are pre-measured. Each recipe has a beautifully designed recipe card with all of the cooking instructions.

But none of that matters if the recipes aren’t delicious, the food isn’t healthy, and the meals aren’t easy to cook, right? So what’s the verdict?

Sun Basket wins in all three categories. As I said in the title, it feels like you’re cheating. You’re cooking and eating really healthy food but the effort required to do so is incredibly low.

The recipes are often recipes that I wouldn’t have chosen off a recipe site, but they always seem to end up tasting phenomenal. Because of this, I’ve really expanded my taste for different foods. I’ve increased my nutritional diversity. It’s been fantastic.

The veggies they send you are locally grown and organic. The meat is free range and high quality. The meals average around 30 minutes from start to finish and don’t require a lot of skill (I’m not a great cook and I haven’t had any problems yet).

What about price, you ask? For what you get it’s extremely affordable. It’s about $11.50 per person, per meal, for a healthy, high-quality dinner. That’s what you’d pay for crap lunch food in many U.S. markets.

Here’s some examples of what you’ll be making:

Here’s a video I did of the unboxing of my first order:

Again, these are truly top-shelf meals for very little effort and very little comparative cost. Even better is the fact that you can get three free meals with your first purchase! All you have to do is use this link.

This is not a paid review nor did I receive anything in exchange for this review. I truly believe in the value of Sun Basket and want you to enjoy the benefits of making healthy meals without hassle.

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