I have tried many “diets” or workout programs, but nothing has stuck. This time, I really needed to know and believe why I was going to do the hard work of making big changes in my life.

While I was eager to find out what Stage 1 of Total Body Reboot would entail, I forced myself to really sit down and write out my big whys. This is something you’re asked to do in the “Preboot” phase leading up to the start of stage one. It took some digging to find what I would really fight for.

My boyfriend Brandon is the only person who knows I’m doing Total Body Reboot. I make dinner for us most nights and wanted him to know there would be certain foods we wouldn’t be eating as we transition away from processed foods.

I knew I would need his support through the hard times, too. He has been so encouraging (even when dinner is a flop) and has even noticed a change in his body!

The food prep had to be a mindful thing for me and was a must, because I used to eat out a lot and snack a lot (a pretty mindless activity). Snacking and sweets are triggers for me and there’s always a lot of that stuff at my office. If I could live on pastries and donuts I would! Well, the old me would. Ha!

Eating real foods that keep me full has been the key to not snacking and reaching for the treats at the office. As the weeks have gone on it’s become easier and easier. I’ve gotten the hang of it and I’m feeling really good! I have had more energy and feel great about the food I’m putting in my body. It’s intentional for the first time. And I even learned how to make my own mayonnaise! What?! So awesome!

Other people noticed my body changing before I did. The other morning I had Brandon take photos of me in shorts and a sports bra (the same thing I wore on Jan. 5th in my before photos) and the difference is crazy! I was so excited I sent them to Kim right away. She’s the head coach of Total Body Reboot. When she saw them she was even more excited then I was! It felt good to have a visual to what I had been feeling.

I think one thing I really love about Total Body Reboot is that it’s a holistic approach to being healthy in your mind, body, and spirit. Working through my relationships with food, trigger foods, how food makes me feel, sleep patterns, etc.

I also really enjoy the community and coaching calls. It’s so helpful to know you aren’t alone!

I can’t wait to see what the other stages bring and to continue to make my relationship with food positive. I feel like I’m becoming the best version of myself.

Here’s Monica’s first 30 days on Total Body Reboot


  • Clhoe says:

    Thank you so muuch for sharing this!!! This happened to me a couple of months ago, I noticed some good results the firsts months but afterwards I felt it wasn’t working anymore, so I tried everything , I looked up for the reasons and everything you posted is so true, the only thing I was missing was the time to relax and recover, I thought that wasn’t important enough to actually do it the right way until I was so frustrated that I felt I was about to explote, so I started to make some changes in my life, I tried to relax but it was really hard for me until a friend of mine gave me some meditation exercises, I focused on that and my routine too and I started to notice the change, not only in my body but how I felt, I re design my bathroom into a spa so when I come back from the gym I don’t have any excuse to say that I can not relax after workout or that I can’t meditate and is actually working, is amazing how important is this step in order to see real results!!

  • Aaron M. says:

    Congratulations, Monica!

  • Sierra says:

    Hi I am 19 years old and confused about nutrition and what is right for my body. I am not over weight by any means but for someone who is really wanting to be happy and healthy with herself, is this program for me?

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