The world doesn’t need another “diet.” This program — Total Body Reboot — could be considered the process of “undieting.” It’s a practical, proven framework for looking great and feeling great for the rest of your life without obsession, perfectionism, or the misery of dieting.

Total Body Reboot is a program that might appear too good to be true from an outsider’s perspective. But the results from tens of thousands of men and women in over 35 countries around the world suggest that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do – reprogram your body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance.

Let’s take a closer look at Rebooted Body’s “Total Body Reboot” program and see exactly how it lives up to its promises…

The Why Behind Total Body Reboot

Rather than trying to be a band-aid, quick fix program for the masses, Total Body Reboot focuses heavily on helping men and women achieve long-term success in a slow, steady, and personalized fashion.

Most Total Body Reboot clients come from decades of yo-yo dieting, failure, and frustration. This means unraveling and re-programming a lot of preconceived notions, health dogma, and dents to self-esteem.

From the beginning, we’ve worked hard to develop a program that respects the humanity of our clients instead of reducing them to calorie logs and cardio plans.

Why? Because it’s clear that most people who try to get fit and healthy fall through the cracks of the legacy health and fitness industry – a revolving door industry that doesn’t respect your personal history, circumstances, and experiences.

This is a problem we recognized early on and made it our mission to solve. We’ve taken a hard look at why the gaps in the industry exist and have developed very powerful frameworks for filling those gaps.

Total Body Reboot is just one of those frameworks.

The Core Principles of Total Body Reboot

The legacy health and fitness industry wants you to believe that calories and exercise are the only two factors that cause success or failure.

That one-size-fits-all approach is both narrow-minded and negligent.

It’s not just the fact that the conventional approach is based on the calorie myth or the exercise myth, it’s that it doesn’t bother looking at the whole person.

A real, integrative program like Total Body Reboot must account for the bigger picture. That’s why Total Body Reboot is based on our six pillars of authentic human health.

Those six pillars are:

  1. Eat Real Food. It’s time to eat the delicious, wholesome food your body was designed to eat – the food that empowers true wellness.
  2. Nurture Your Gut. Your gut is key to a healthy mind and body. Total Body Reboot brings your gut back into health and balance naturally.
  3. Balance Your Hormones. Hormones play a big role in how you look and feel. Total Body Reboot brings your hormones back into alignment naturally.
  4. Move Your Body. It’s time to ditch the excessive cardio model and adopt Total Body Reboot’s two-part functional fitness philosophy to get better results with less commitment.
  5. Master Your Inner-Psychology. It’s time to unlock the psychology behind the decisions you make so you can achieve rock-solid consistency forever.
  6. Embrace Your Individuality. No two people are the same. Total Body Reboot is a flexible framework that respects your individuality at every step of the process.

When these six pillars are understood and integrated as practical, sustainable habits, that’s when lifelong success starts to feel effortless.

The Three Stages of Total Body Reboot

Total Body Reboot is a deep and value-packed program unlike anything you’ve tried before. In order to keep the process practical and manageable, it’s broken up into three stages that you implement over the course of 90 days.

It should be noted that Total Body Reboot doesn’t claim to solve all of your problems in 90 days. Again, it’s not designed to be a magic pill or a quick fix.

Total Body Reboot is focused on taking people from failure and frustration to long-term success over time. You’re given lifetime access to the program so you can continue to digest and apply the principles for the rest of your life.

Stage 1: Welcome to Rehab

The first 30 days is all about laying a solid foundation for success. That starts by shifting your eating toward foods that work better for your body, building a foundation of practical, sustainable movement, allowing your body to naturally detoxrebooting your sleep, and making some psychological adjustments to your approach. It’s also about acquiring practical, real-world skills like eating healthy in restaurants.

Stage 2: Out of the Fog

By Stage Two, most Rebooters are starting to see a marked difference in how they look and feel. Many describe this as “coming out of the fog” that their body and mind have been in for so long.

This stage is all about taking things to the next level by learning practical ways to maximize nutrient density, learning how to intuitively manage calorie intake, and learning how to sculpt your body composition with short, efficient, supplemental workouts that don’t require gyms, personal trainers, or fancy equipment.

This is the stage where most people start to hit their stride and accelerate their progress.

Stage 3: A Well-Oiled Machine

A lot of progress is made over Stage Two and Stage Three, but none of that progress matters if it doesn’t stick.

While we continue to help you take things to the next level with modules such as real life superfoods, practical carb timing, and functional mobility and flexibility work, we also shift heavily toward preparing for the future.

Stage Three is where we show you how to confidently continue on with your new habits and practices as your body continues to heal and change.

What you’re going to find is that every stage of Total Body Reboot is perfectly aligned with its core mission – to reprogram your body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance.

5 Reasons Why Total Body Reboot Has Such a High Graduation & Success Rate

The following five reasons highlight exactly why Total Body Reboot has a graduation and long-term success rate that’s well over 70% while conventional diets and programs have a long-term success rate of around 5%…

Reason #1: Total Body Reboot gives you the right information, at the right time, in the right frame of mind.

There are two core problems with most health and fitness programs:

  1. They dump incorrect information on you in an impractical format.
  2. They dump correct information on you in an impractical format.

To counter that, we’ve worked hard to match sound science with an expertise in behavior psychology.

You can’t just take the correct information and ride off into the sunset. The right information must be paired with the right frame of mind and an understanding of why you behave the way you do and why you make the choices you make.

Total Body Reboot is unique in that it combines the science of human health with the science of human behavior. in other words, we give you the right information in a practical format that you can consistently execute on.

Reason #2: Total Body Reboot is not built for the masses.

Another big reason why Total Body Reboot has such a high success rate is because it’s not built-for or marketed to the masses.

Rather, it’s built for men and women who “get it.”

By “get it,” we mean people who are ready to ditch the failed dieting model and embrace an authentic, long-term approach to body, health, and behavior change.

By attracting people who are done searching for superficial magic pills, we’re able to keep people engaged long enough to establish powerful long-term habits.

Reason #3: Total Body Reboot respects your individuality.

The third big reason why Total Body Reboot has such a high success rate is that it respects your individuality.

Rather than being a one-size-fits-all program, Total Body Reboot is designed as a flexible framework.

You start by applying the framework to your life and then we help you make adjustments based on how you respond to the framework. In this way, we can mold the program to your individual needs and tendencies.

Reason #4: Total Body Reboot provides support, coaching, & accountability.

How many other programs give you ongoing access to the program’s designers? Total Body Reboot does. Not just in the online community, but on weekly group coaching calls.

We wanted to create more than a program with Total Body Reboot. We wanted to create a community and a culture. And the people who work on Total Body Reboot’s ongoing design and development are an active part of that community.

What else is taking place in that online community? Men and women from over 35 countries around the world actively supporting each other and holding each other accountable.

So between the supportive community and the group coaching calls led by coaches who have had a hand in designing the program, you’re guaranteed to get all the help and guidance you need.

This is importance because life doesn’t always cooperate. Those who accept help and coaching are exponentially more successful than those who try to make a healthy lifestyle work all on their own.

Reason #5: Total Body Reboot is for life.

Yeah, yeah, we know, you’ve heard this one before. It’s unfortunate that the legacy health and fitness industry has attached this promise to their superficial, quick-fix programs and ruined hope for a ton of people.

But the difference between Total Body Reboot and those other programs is crystal clear. It’s not obsessive, it’s not perfectionistic, and it’s not impractical.

You also don’t need perfect circumstances to be successful. Total Body Reboot teaches you how to win in the world you actually live in while most programs are only successful if all your stars stay in perfect alignment.

As many Rebooters have attested to, Total Body Reboot changes you. It starts out as a program, but it quickly becomes a philosophy and an identity. And that’s what makes it stick for life.

None of this was developed by accident. Total Body Reboot is a program that’s been developed over the course of years and redesigned from the ground up three separate times based on data we’ve collected and the experiences of the men and women who have gone through the process.

How do I join Total Body Reboot?

We are so passionate about this program and feel that it is truly the most comprehensive program available for looking great and feeling great for the rest of your life without obsession, perfectionism, or the misery of dieting.

If you want to get lifetime access to Total Body Reboot along with ongoing coaching, access to the private community, and more, all you have to do is choose a plan and fill out the 60-second online registration form. Of course, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk to you.

Click here to join and get instant access to stage one.

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