I see a big mistake repeatedly with both men and women (but especially women) when they transition from a conventional, mainstream lifestyle to a real food, intuitive approach to eating. It’s a simple mistake, but a powerful one. And if you make it, you end up being hungry all the time and having a rough go of the first few weeks and months.

What is it? Not eating enough.

That sounds so foreign to post people. “What, you’re telling me I need to eat MORE?” Yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you.

Society has set us up to believe that we need to always be limiting our intake, controlling portion sizes, and following a list of other obsessive strategies. 

This affects women especially. I talked about this at length with Jennifer Fugo, Kaila Prins, and Ali Shapiro on Episode 38 of The Rebooted Body Podcast: What Women Are Taught About Health and Fitness.

It’s a ridiculous thought process when you think about it. First, calories are bullshit. Second, the notion that we’re the ONLY animal on planet Earth that needs a calculator for proper eating is insane.

So, when you’re transitioning, do your best to break out of this box you’ve been corralled into. I write a series of five posts on what I call Conscious Eating that will help you learn to listen to your body, trust your body, and heal your relationship with food. 

It’s time to end the war. It’s time to end the struggle. Eat the food. Eat enough of the food. Eat to nourish your body. Eat to nourish your soul.

You’ve got this.


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