Sep 15 – Sep 29 • 2017

Walk+ Challenge

14-Day Walking (plus other goodies) Challenge for men & women who want look great and feel great for the rest of their life.

Almost everyone can do it. It’s the core movement practice of all human beings since the beginning of human beings.

It’s low impact and restorative (versus running which is high-impact and can be destructive to the body in excess).

It’s a highly underrated activity, which gives us the opportunity to show you the power of walking for fat loss, health, and wellbeing.

It doesn’t require any special equipment. You can do it anywhere in the world at practically any time.

WALK+ 14

The perfect level for beginners or anyone who feels like they’re out of shape and needs to take things slow – 1 mi/day.

Walk+ 42

This is the intermediate level. It averages out to about 3 mi/day – perfect for people who are in basic shape and aren’t new to walking.

Walk+ 70

This is the advanced level – 70 miles of walking in 14 days. Tackle this level if you’ve been walking and/or jogging for a while.

You’ll be able to choose your level after you join the challenge.

Basic Nutrition

The benefits you get from walking are greatly magnified when paired with real human nutrition – we’ll teach you how.

Basic Behavior Psychology

Discover what it takes to build sustainable, healthy habits without willpower, discipline, or perfectionism.

Exclusive Prizes

We’ve built in a pretty awesome contest to the Walk+ challenge. Once you sign up, we’ll give you all the giveaway details!

Movement Variety

Walking can be more than walking. This challenge is designed to make walking more interesting than you thought it could be.

Private Walk+ Community

We’ve built a private online community for this challenge that will provide the support & accountability you need to succeed.

Personal Connection

Invite friends and family members to participate with you and increase personal connection in your life.


Who can participate in this challenge?

Anyone who can walk. Seriously.

Why should I participate in this challenge?

Here are some of the reasons you might want to participate:

  • Fat loss (that’s sustainable).
  • More energy.
  • Better sleep.
  • Increased physical fitness (without beating yourself up).
  • Learn the basics of real human nutrition.
  • Spend more time with friends & family.
  • Become part of a community dedicated to sustainable health practices.
  • Win some great prizes!
  • And more…

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Is anything required for purchase?


What can I win?

The giveaway prizes change every time we do the challenge. Once you join, we’ll let you know what the prizes for the current session will be. Remember: This challenge is really about you, the people you do it with, and the personal benefits you’ll receive. The giveaway is a fun part of the challenge but it shouldn’t be the primary reason you join.

Where is the Community group?

It’s a private Facebook group. We’ll give you the link when you join the challenge.

I'm completely out of shape. Will I be able to do it?

Absolutely. If you can walk, you can do this challenge.

Can I do this challenge with a friend?

Most certainly. Once you sign up, we’ll give you details on how you can invite other people.

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