When talking about weight loss we need to first look at what causes weight gain. Among the many causes of increasing body fat, diet tops the list. What you eat has a great significance on your weight. It is not all about food quantity; but, its quality. Your lifestyle says a lot about how you look.

There are many weight loss programs online; some are short term while others are long term. Health experts advocate for proper diet and targeted exercises as the best form of sustainable weight loss program.

You need no intensive physical exercise to support your weight loss program. What should guide you is the reason for getting to the weight loss journey. Is it a doctor’s advice? Are you feeling heavy? Is it a lifestyle change?

The answer guides you on the kind of exercise to opt for. If it is just for a total lifestyle change; you only need to evaluate your daily life and look at areas that need improvement, to help in the journey.

Just in case it is out of a health issue, you need a team of both the nutritionist and the fitness expert to enroll you at what works best for you. Some of the simple and recommended physical exercises you can do at home include:

  • Rope skipping
  • Riding a bike
  • Jogging
  • Weight training
  • Running