Another year is coming to a close, so I want to update you—our amazing community—with a “year in review” post (if you get bored, skip to the bottom section, it’s probably the most important).

Remember, without you, this community and brand wouldn’t exist. Every article we write, every podcast we record, every video we make, every guide we release, and every program we create has you in mind. 

By helping one person at a time, starting with you, we will change the landscape of human health.

So, from myself and the entire Rebooted Body team, thank you.


In order to change the landscape of human health, we have to reach more people with our message and our programs. 

I’m proud to say that we succeeded in that mission.

Overall traffic increased 300%+ over 2013’s numbers. In total, we served content to almost 3/4 of a million unique visitors.

I would have liked to hit a million, but I expect to smash that in 2015 anyway. These goals can’t survive our mission for very long 🙂

Another metric that’s important to us for determining growth and the reach of our message is podcast downloads. 

The podcast is unique in that it demonstrates a much more engaged audience. With our episodes being anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length, it takes a bit more dedication to be a podcast listener than a regular site visitor.

Again, I’m proud to say that we succeeded in terms of podcast growth, increasing the number of downloads by 150%+.

The only thing that didn’t increase was the percentage of iTunes reviews. We collected 75 five star reviews in the first year. We improved that number to 140 in 2014.

I would have liked to see a bit more growth in that area. I know that iTunes doesn’t make it easy to leave reviews, which is a bummer. If you want to help us improve that number (which helps us improve our iTunes rank and bring in more listeners), go ahead a leave a review right now.

The last area of growth I want to touch on is our VIP email list. In my Year In Review: 2013 post, I set a goal for reaching 10,000 email subscribers.

That goal wasn’t reached, but I’m going to tell you why that’s a good thing.

We actually transitioned to a new and improved email system in 2014 and lost a bunch of subscribers in the process (probably low-engagement subscribers anyway because they had the option to convert over). 

We also set up a system that automatically removes people from our list who don’t open or interact with emails. 

Why? Because we have no intention of owning a database of names and email addresses. Our singular goal is to CONNECT with men and women around the world so we can help improve their life.

If someone isn’t opening our emails, we don’t want to bother them. After 180 days of no opens and no responses to some “heads up” emails, they’re removed.

The first time this system was implemented and reached the 180 day mark, close to 2500 people were cleaned out of the system. 

What we’re left with is a smaller, but much more engaged email list. And engagement is all that matters to us.

Not on our VIP email list yet? Get on it!

Our first team member…

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Thanks to the growth of the brand, I was able to hire our first team member in 2014!

Kim Ludeman came on board to help in a few different areas, including support and coaching for Total Body Reboot.

Kim is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Fitness Nutritional Specialist.

As we head into 2015, Kim will be the director of support for all Rebooted Body programs. 

I’ll still be in the trenches with clients, but Kim will be orchestrating everything.

A New Program Emerges…

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Halfway through 2014, Kim and I started designing Rebooted Body’s second online course: Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings (SDYSC).

I’m really proud of how this course turned out and what it does for people. The first half of it focuses on short-term success and the second half is dedicated to long-term success. 

It’s completely different from anything else out there and provides men and women who are struggling with authentic, target-the-roots tools for long-term success in this one area.

It’s truly the start of completely changing your relationship with food where all other programs of its kind are focused on the demonization of sugar, rules, and “21 days to success” that leaves you falling off a cliff as soon as you finish the program.

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the people who are doing the same “sugar detox” for the 6th or 7th time. SDYSC ends all of that nonsense for good. Change your relationship with sugar and processed foods and you win forever!

It’s the official option in a sea of superficial options.

The course officially launched as a live course in August and we hit our goal of filling all 25 slots. 

We did a second launch in October that filled another 25 slots.

We took everything we learned from those two launches and created the current 2.0 version of the course, which is now an enrollment-on-demand course.

I’m REALLY excited to see what this course does for men and women around the world in 2015!

Total Body Reboot Improves Again…

In 2014, we did another round of improvements to our flagship program, Total Body Reboot. It is now on version 3.0.

Unlike many companies who produce a product and then move on to producing more and more products, we’re committed to constantly refining, updating, and improving our core products so they are as effective as possible.

All six stages of Total Body Reboot underwent a complete visual redesign and we moved the entire program to the membership platform.

We also installed the most sophisticated support system available into both Total Body Reboot and Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings as access to world-class support and coaching is a top priority for all of our programs.

This isn’t just about making things look pretty. When we make improvements, we’re focused on three core things:

  • Make life easier for our clients.
  • Increase retention rate of our clients (more stay, less go).
  • Increase the success rate of our clients (better results, more efficiently).

I’m proud to say that our retention rate has increased 70% with the changes made in 2014 and the testimonials that we’ve been getting show that the program is easier to follow and the results have improved.

Love it!

The best sleep guide on the market is released…

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As 2013 came to a close, I was working behind the scenes with a colleague—Evan Brand—to write a guide to help you understand the importance of quality sleep and to give you a step by step process for Rebooting your sleep for faster fat loss, better health, and better productivity.

That guide—REM Rehab—was released in March 2014 and we’ve sold close to 200 copies, mostly via social media and word of mouth.

Of course, everyone who signs up for Total Body Reboot gets REM Rehab as a free bonus (a long with many other valuable bonuses), so that’s not reflected in the sales numbers.

In 2015, we’ll be recruiting some good affiliates for continued promotion so we can get this important guide into the hands of more and more people.

DWYLT grows up and becomes a lifestyle apparel brand…

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In August, I published Stop Working Out and DWYLT Instead (It’ll Change Your Life).

The message was simple: stop punishing yourself with exercise and looking for strategies to “maintain motivation.”

Assuming you’re committed to eating real food, being fit for the rest of your life requires nothing more than doing active things that inspire you—doing what you love to do.

When you do things you love to do, you don’t need to trick yourself to stay motivated and you don’t need shame or guilt. You’re intrinsically motivated by LIFE.

That message spread far and wide and deeply resonated with people, so I decided to take it a step further.

Toward the end of the year I worked with Hamon Creative to design the first official DWYLT t-shirt design and launched

It’s a great start, we’ve made some sales, and I’d love to continue building it, but I’m only going to continue putting effort into this project if it proves itself in the marketplace.

No sales = No

If you have any feedback for me on the DWYLT project, I’d love to hear it. If you haven’t bought a t-shirt yet, go get one! Vote with your dollars. If you buy-in, then buy-in! Most of the profit goes to Charity:Water.

Where we’re headed in 2015…

December has been mostly a planning month around here and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come in 2015.

To really kick things off right, we’ll be holding our first ever Reboot LIVE event in San Diego, CA. 

Reboot LIVE is a 3 day retreat and workshop event that promises great food, great fun, great education, and great people. If that sounds great to you, we’d love for you to join us!

We’re also working a top secret online software project that is going to change the landscape of planning, shopping-for, and preparing healthy meals for your family.

The goal is to have a beta version available by March and then a full release of V1 by May 2015. If you want more information about this, the only way to get it right now is to be on the Rebooted Body email list.

We’ll be releasing sneak peaks and teasers on our Facebook page and my Instagram as well.

What else?

We’re going to be inviting more guest authors to publish on the Rebooted Body platform.

Having different voices and points of view is very beneficial and that will take some of the publishing weight off of my shoulders as well.

If you want to apply to be an author with us, fill out the application.

I’m also bringing in a new team member who will start as a podcast and video producer so that we can make the podcast workflow more efficient and start pumping out high quality videos.

Video is becoming more and more important for communicating online so we’ll be focusing on that heavily in 2015.

One of my main goals next year is to unburden myself in a lot of different areas so that I can focus on doing what needs to be done to attract more people to this platform.

Which brings me to this…

Building a company online isn’t always roses and rainbows…

Did we accomplish a lot in 2014? Yes.

Do we have some really fun and exciting things planned for 2015? Yes.

Was it easy? Hell no.

Do we feel confident and chipper and successful? …

One thing I’m figuring out is that the decisions that need to be made about things like pricing, product development, where time is spent, where money is spent, etc. aren’t just hard, they feel like forks in a road. 

Seriously, when you’re in the driver’s seat and you’re making a big decision in this game, it feels like one road leads to success and the other might lead you to driving the company off a cliff.

I’m not sure how realistic that is, but that’s how it feels.

And let me tell you something else: I don’t care how many people are on the internet, it’s a lonely, lonely place.

Why do you think I place so much value in replying to emails I get? I want interaction with my community! I want to talk to someone and see what they’re struggling with and see if what we’re doing (or trying to do) is resonating with them.

I want to connect. That’s what this platform is about. It’s about connecting with people and changing lives.

This isn’t a superficial Dr. Oz infotainment play. This is a completely-transform-the-landscape-of-human-health play.

If we fail at this—if I fail at this—then I feel like we’ve let down tens of thousands of people that we could have potentially helped.

But no matter how hard we try to succeed, reality is crystal clear:

Building trust is hard.

Getting people to commit is hard.

Communicating in an effective way is hard.

Believing so much in what you’re doing and hearing crickets half the time is the hardest part (like I said, the internet is a lonely place and it’s not always easy to engage with people in a meaningful way).

But this is why getting comments on the blog, reviews on iTunes, emails from the community, and interaction on Facebook is so important to me.

Those very small points of connection are like gold. They let me know that there is a real human being who is opting-in, even in a small way, to what we’re doing.

It’s empowering. It’s motivating. It’s like a little thumbs up…a high five…an acknowledgement that what we’re doing has some value.

And that’s important because putting your work out into the world is a scary thing. When you spend months creating a program or course and you release it to the world and hear crickets, that’s not just a product failure, it feels like a personal failure.

When you spend hours writing a blog post and someone comes along and attacks you in the comments section, that feels personal.

It’s another straw on the camel’s back; a straw on a pile of straws of stress; the stress that inherently comes with pouring your passion into something and hoping that other human beings smile when they see it and get value from it when they incorporate it into their life.

With all that said, let me just take a second to thank you for being here with me right now. 

If you’re reading this far down, I know you’re a special part of what we’re building and I can’t thank you enough.

Here’s to an amazing 2015…together.


  • Kelly M says:

    Hi Kevin. Thank you for the year in review about where you’ve been and where you’re heading. I am both excited and scared to death that I’ll fail the Rebooted Body Program, but I still feel this is the best program out there that also makes the most sense because of all it covers–food, sleep, psychology, and doing what you love to stay fit and active. I applaud you for trying to improve your program year after year. Keep up the good work!

    • Kevin Geary says:

      Hi Kelly—as long as you stay engaged with us, you’re not going to fail. That doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy, though.

      I like to use a construction analogy. Having the right blueprints and effective tools is critical to building a house. But those things still don’t build the house for you. And they don’t guarantee that there won’t be weather delays and other unforeseen issues.

      All it guarantees is that if you continue building, day after day, you’ll eventually have the house you wanted.

      This is the opposite of the “magic pill” fairy tale and all the programs that insist it’s going to be so easy if you just walk their straight line for 12 weeks. That’s always a lie. The authentic way is the only way that works and it’s almost never a straight line.

      Hope that helps 😉

  • Susan A says:

    Kevin – I found your website on September 16, 2014 after search-engining “low carb, diabetes, ketogenic” or some such. I wont drag on with too many details but I’m 51 years old and deal with lifelong disordered eating, food abuse, rollercoaster weight anywhere from 20-40 pounds a year, and no surprise, pre-diabetes. I had my annual physical on Sept 15th, and was simply humiliated and disgusted with myself facing my doctor yet again with unstable, unhealthy weight and blood sugar. The resources on rebooted body have been my daily source of information, inspiration and resources as I relearn everything I thought I already knew. I had my 3 month recheck at my internist this week and am thrilled and proud to be down 27 pounds with 5.6% A1C and improved lipids across the board. Whoop Whoop! This way of eating and living is sustainable and it is wonderful to have your site to come to everyday for information, encouragement and insight. Peace and all good things!

    • Kevin Geary says:

      That’s a wonderful and inspiring outcome Susan! I applaud you for stepping up and making things happen in your life.

  • Kevin, congratulations to you and your team for a fantastic year. I do the same with my clients at the end of the year and you should pause have celebrate your success. Your #DWYLT campaign really help solidify some things for me:
    1) if we are doing the stuff we love, it is not work
    2) that applies to all things in life not just exercise – I love what I do for a living and it shows in my work
    3) with each day I think about that and I think about how to apply it to my work and social life.
    I have lost almost 8% body fat this year becoming a Divemaster and hiking and camping with my boys. Yes, I go lift weights and hit the treadmill but I incorporate that into the things I love.
    With each passing day, I learn more about sugar and portions and that has helped me lose 5 lbs and tone up. SO THANK YOU for continuing to educate us and getting us out there to do what we love!

  • April says:

    Keep up the good work, and do what you love today! Thanks for all your hard work, because it matters! I appreciate the update on the big picture.

  • Diana says:

    I joined Reboot at the very beginning. About two years ago. I have since made huge changes in my lifestyle and relationship with food. All thanks to you, Kevin! With your blogs and podcasts and special publications – helped me tremendously!!
    The program has been and continues to be a central point in my life. Thank you for your personal commitment in helping people get healthy. I always look forward to your podcasts and blogs and can’t wait for the new year and the surprises you have for us!! Thanks again for your hard work!

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