Get In Touch.

Contact forms are boring. Here are the best ways you can get in touch with us…

Do you have a question about nutrition, functional fitness, or behavior psychology? We get thousands of questions from readers and listeners, but we’re still happy to answer your question if it’s a good one. We need to answer it in public, though, so that our answer can help many people instead of just one. So, you have two options: leave your question as a comment on a relevant article (use the search icon at the top) OR post your question to our Facebook wall.

Are you a guest author hoping to get your article published on our blog?¬†Listen carefully…we get hundreds of article soliciations every week and lots of them are spam and sponsored posts (which we never accept). We only accept the top 5% of articles and rarely ever accept an article that’s less than 1200 words. If you think you can cut it, here’s what you need to do: DM us on Instagram with a link to your article saved in either Dropbox or Google Drive. It must be an article that has not been published anywhere else.

Are you a member of the Rebooted Body Academy and need help?¬†We’re happy to help, just send your question or support request through the support system on the academy site (the little floating chat icon).

If you really love communicating by email, Kevin & Zach both work to reply consistently to anyone who is a member of our email community. Get on the list and reply to any of the emails you get.

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